Ludum Dare 22 - Alone

I attempted the Ludum Dare #22, 48-hour game development competition. The idea I had is one that I had wanted to do for a while. My knowledge of the math required, and Unity 3d Environment have grown a lot since I last thought about this, so I decided to jump in and make it.

This game concept will be extended over time.

Web Player

Version 3 (20111220_1107)


  • Thrust - Up Arrow
  • Rotate - Left/Right Arrows
  • Extend Drill - M
  • Retract Drill - K

You cannot thrust while the drill is extended. Use the drill to mine fuel deposits on planets.


Version 3 (20111220_1107)

  • Added fuel drill
  • Allowed more planets to be generated on startup
  • Prevent thrust while drill is extended
  • Enable refueling
  • Minor gravitational constant adjustment

Known bugs

  • Some planets gravitational centre is offset from the planet itself, causing weird flight issues. For the moment I will claim they are black holes
  • Starting planet seems to have a higher gravitational pull than other planets

Version 1 (20111219_0922)

  • Initial version