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Filling the Gaps - 08 May, 2009

I find myself extremely busy of late. Those of you that keep in touch regularly will know that I have been working pretty hard and perhaps have myself spread a little thin. There are a number of projects I am working on as well as my day job keepi...

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The Developers Fear of Making Mistakes - 10 May, 2009

I'm a regular helper in the CakePHP IRC channel. Helping out other budding developers, whether they be new to PHP or just new to CakePHP makes me feel like I am helping in my own way to assist the community and grow the developer base for my favou...

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Wildcard Subdomains for quick Virtual Host creation - 28 May, 2009

Being a developer of web applications, you are probably working on a number of sites at once. Its really handy to have them placed on their own subdomain or domain in order to provide separation. Linux systems will allow you to create a wildcard s...

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