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Useful Testing Images for Cropping and Uploading - 03 June, 2009

I find myself dealing with image croppers, resizers and all sorts of image manipulation, no matter where I am working and what I am doing. The slightest offset or miscalculation can cause some weird results.

In order to assist debugging and visua...

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iPhone 3.0 tethering with Optus - Update - 18 June, 2009

Goodness me! What a huge response I have been having to my previous post about tethering with Optus on the iPhone 3.0 beta 2 OS. More than I ever expected, really. Since the official release of the 3.0 OS, I am expecting more users to want a copy ...

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CakeFest 2009 here I come! - 30 June, 2009

I'd like to thank everyone that has donated to assist in getting me to CakeFest 2009. A huge update and some offline anonymous contributors have pushed the funds to a level that has allowed me to secure flights, and confirm my attendance to CakeFe...

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