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Serious Branding - 10 January, 2010

While I am far from an expert in this area, I have come to realise over the last couple of years how important it is to identify yourself as an important individual in the online community, and brand yourself appropriately.

I've been working on a...

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Compiling Xdebug on OSX (v2.1.0beta1) - 11 January, 2010

Xdebug is essential. If I was a superhero, and had a utility belt, Xdebug would have a spot on there for sure.

In developing for CakePHP, and any PHP applications in general, Xdebug allows me to extend the basic error reporting of PHP to provide ...

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CakePHP's professional service, support and upcoming certification - 19 January, 2010

Hello CakePHP Bakers. It has become clear that the Cake Software Foundation's recent addition of a top navigation bar to the CakePHP website requires some explanation in order to clarify the intentions of the Cake Software Foundation (CSF) and its...

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