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CakePHP, a visual history: 0 - 1.3.0 - 07 May, 2010

This is a short post, but hopefully an interesting one. I've been messing around with Gource which is adamn funky tool for producing sexy visualisations from version control systems. While we've seen this functionality from Code Swarm before, I fe...

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More CakePHP visualizations, 2010 Jan to May - 08 May, 2010

Hot on the heels of yesterdays post, I've created a visualization of the development going on for CakePHP from all contributors from January 2010 to May 2010. This is slower than the previous visual, allowing you to see more clearly what is going ...

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Sketching up a storm - 19 May, 2010

Myself and a couple of mates (Tom Campbell and John Marsden) have been messing around with our graphics tablets. We've all had one for a while, but never really put too much effort into using them. John decided, after drawing this awesome nighting...

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Update for CakePHP-Goodies (AutoJavascript and Gravatar Helpers) - 22 May, 2010

Just a quick one tonight.. I've received some feedback via the CakePHP Bakery indicating that an oversight in the pathing for the unexpectedly popular Automatic Javascript Includer Helper caused it to not work for Windows systems.

While I don't m...

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