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Blog: 1GAM April 2013 - Galactic Domination

Graham Weldon

21 April, 2013

I've been involved in an effort to make one game every month for 2013, as part of the "One game a month" challenge.

For April, I attempted a 3D version of the game "Galcon", created by Phil Hassey.

Overall I think the game came out pretty well. This is one of the fastest games for me to have developed so far, and by far the most successful. Overall I spent 2 weeks on the game, and long breaks inbetween development days.


Download for you platform (Approx 20 Mb):

Play Online

A web version is available to play online with your browser.


Title Screen

Ships being sent to take a

Fight to take control

Multiple attack vectors



A special thanks to Phil Hassey for his work on Galcon, and his permission to blatently steal the games core mechanics.