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Blog: A little update. And some frustration thrown in for free.

Graham Weldon

15 September, 2009


So its been a while. I have been a bit busy with a number of things. The CakePHP talk I am doing for SydPHP is coming along nicely, and the workshop is starting to take shape really well. Google (Yes, I just referenced and linked Google) has kindly offered their space, and I have been in touch with a few old mates from school and University that are attending to see what I have to say for myself. Its shaping up to be a good evening. Hopefully the start of many more to come.

Been working hard on a number of projects at CakeDC. They are keeping me not only very busy, but very happy, and fulilled with the work I am doing. I really am in my dream job at the moment, and riding the high!

So in the title there, I promised some frustrations. And here they are:

I have been way too busy getting work done, as well as work on CakePHP 2.0 (the next step for CakePHP) that I haven't had a lot of time to hang out in the community and get some of my personal projects done. I promised I would get some done, most importantly Slavitica. However that doesn't seem to have happened.

With the effort and focus on code for CakePHP, I'm also disappointed to see posts like this that bag out the framework, rather than being constructively critical, or even better, contributing a suggestion, or patch to the core to help out. In this particular case, the guy is working with CakePHP. He really would benefit from submitting ideas and suggestions as tickets, or offering some time to help make changes to improve the core if he has issues with them.

Additionally, the problems described are not really a problem, as much as there is a problem with his ability to write his own code. There is a distinct reliance from some developers on the core helpers only. Its as if there is no possibility that they can write code for themselves, and when some ridiculously meager edge case code is not included in the core, they spaz out and cry "Crap Framework". For Goodness sake, its an object oriented, extensible, flexible framework. It would be trivial to extend, overwrite or create a new helper to provide the additional functionality that this particular dude needed.

Don't worry, I am not losing motivation, I am not angry, and I am not going to rant for much longer. I'm moving into a position in life where I can give presentations and educate the PHP community in my local area (Newcastle and Sydney) and this is how I am combating the ignorance thats out there by educating those that will listen. Its a small step. But its the best I can do for now.

Some of you have suggested I post more code examples and tutorials. I am getting more and more of these requests by email. If you have anything specific you would like covered / demonstrated, please let me know. I am planning on a multipart beginners set of CakePHP tutorials to host here very soon.