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Blog: Breaking personal promises

Graham Weldon

31 October, 2008

I'd vowed to post once a day, even though the site sint live, it would provide a great deal of content for launch, and would assist in indexing the new version of the site with new relevant content. Yesterday I failed to post an entry.

Its not all bad though. The reason that I failed to post was due to two main factors. The first being how crazy and busy it is at work right now, we are dealing with a client thats submitting change requests on and around launch day. The second being related to the first, in that I haven't actually made any progress since the last post.

The weekend is coming up, and I want to look at a couple of things. Markdown, if possible, as well as some decent syntax highlighting mechanism that will fit into the design. Going off what I have learnt about user interaction and readability, I feel that skinny content is easier to read. Your end and start of line are closer together, and users fine it easier to follow. However, this is not completely appropriate when you want to present code samples mid-post.

I'm going to get the opinion of a few designers out there, and see what options I have for inclusion of content that should probably not be line-wrapped, in my rather skinny content area.

Onwards from there, the blog archive element needs to be done. This will be a good exercise in optimising queries, as I really only need distinct months selected from the database where blogs are made. Thus if a post is not made in November, November will not appear in the list. Retrieved months should then be ordered, and limit to the top 5-7 results, showing a basic archive. We're planning for the future here, so that means 3 years down the track (if the design and code lasts that long) we don't want an element showing 36 months in the archive element.

Looking forward to some decent productivity on the weekend.