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Blog: CakePHP CakeFest 2009 Berlin

Graham Weldon

24 March, 2009

Look out Berlin! You're going to be invaded by hoards of eager to learn CakePHP nerds.. I don't know how one prepares for that kind of scenario.

CakeFest is exciting. Being somewhat remote here in Australia, and with finances not so great at the moment overall, attendance is shakey for me.. But there is no doubt I will be keeping up to date as the event happens by hanging out online in IRC and keeping up to date on the google groups and such.

If you're into CakePHP, want to meet the community and core developers, or perhaps share ideas and thoughts on application development ideas, methods and techniques, head on over to Berlin from July 9th to 12th 2009 for CakeFest 2009. It'll be a blast!

cakefest.org has a full list of the schedule to date, information about the venue and surrounding area and can keep you up to date as information comes in.