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Blog: Contact form and cleanup

Graham Weldon

09 November, 2008

A bit of an interesting night. I haven't often gone back to my CSS and refactored to ensure its minimal, optimal, etc.. Its a worthwhile exercise, and not often done, from my experience. I've also setup the contact form. This is setup and working to both keep a record of the contact, and to email it off to yours truly.

Well, I feel pretty lame writing this blog entry, because the activities tonight aren't anything ground breaking or spectacular. But these are things that are necessary and integral to the site. I've made some pretty decent moves towards the syntax highlighting solution, which I will update you all on in the next few days.

Little Big Planet took a fair chunk of my day.. I'm going to steer clear of that on Sunday to give some attention to this, and to some work that is outstanding also.

I'll also try to put some more effort into the construction of these blog posts, so that the lameness is much lower.. Until then..