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Blog: Curse that Little Big Planet

Graham Weldon

08 November, 2008

The sole reason that for the last couple of days, there has been little to no progress in development of this site, the design for the Slavitica site, cleaning of the new motorbike, and work in general... The recent release of Little Big Planet, a cute new game for the Playstation 3. In fact, its the reason I bought my PS3 on launch, so long ago. Its an extensible environment with an extensive set of storyline levels to play through and seamless internet integration for co-operative play. So impressive in fact, that its now bundled with PS3's on purchase.

But anyway, this is not really a game review site. But I highly recommend buying this game. You'll giggle yourself silly. On the work front, I've decided that its time to move beyond the blog for now, as thats taking up a little too much time. There are a few minor features that need to be looked at and then its time to give some attention to the wiki and projects page. I may even take a small break in there to populate my resume page also.

I've been toying with concepts for the photos page, and I have been considering a lot of peoples feedback about the site. Mostly people don't take the fat (or phat?) borders around images that I have on the left on the home page. This was placed there as a design element, and something that would make this site stand out a bit. Not just following the normal conventions, but trying to invent my own look. For the moment I will keep it in tact, but its going to be interesting to see what this style means for a gallery view page.