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Blog: Filling the Gaps

Graham Weldon

08 May, 2009

I find myself extremely busy of late. Those of you that keep in touch regularly will know that I have been working pretty hard and perhaps have myself spread a little thin. There are a number of projects I am working on as well as my day job keeping me more than busy, and its probably time for a bit of a cleanup to bring some focus back to individual goals and push those developments forward.

Cakebot has been getting som regular development, and its shaping up nicely. Each large chunk of development I approach on Cakebot takes it closer to the monstrosity gwoo and I envisaged from the beginning. The Protocol plugins are designed to handle any form of communication, allowing the bot to really work independently of the communication method.

An as yet unnamed project that I have been putting a significant amount of development time into has been progressing quite well. Designed to manage project information with a focus on getting the information you need in front of you without getting messy or cumbersome, its been a challenge to get the mix of information and design right.

Work has been extremely busy. Our designer has gone on maternity leave and we're without a designer until we sift through the candidates and select the best candidate. We're making progress on this, but I will be glad to see this decision made, so that some more productive work can be done! Best regards to Stella, our designer as she moves into her new house and gets ready for her new baby.

I'm off to see the new Star Trek movie tomorrow. I'm a big skeptic. I'ts difficult in most cases where you produce a prequel episode of some storyline far in the future from the original. And I think while the initial result is "entertaining", its often falling short of providing the congruency hardcore fans want / need from it. Take Star Trek: Enterprise for example. Same franchise, but in terms of overall look and feel, you had a ship supposed to be preceding the Star Trek original series desked out with a huge bridge, flashy electronics and all sorts of gizmos. I'm trying to head into watching this new movie with a focus on the storyline, and not the eye candy.. we'll see.

Shout out to Mark Story who has recently marked his first year milestone for development with CakePHP. Thanks Mark, for DebugKit (something I can't live without) and the new ApiGenerator. Not to mention a whole bunch of core commits.