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Blog: Friends, Comments and Concert

Graham Weldon

26 October, 2008

Busy day. Concert tonight, saw Jamie Hutchings from Bluebottle Kiss. Today I had to do some running around to get my helmet fixed and some special diet food for Captain Jack (my cat). And the comments RSS feed is up and running.

The comments RSS feed is a little different in the content that is is presenting. I have it throwing back the users name and the blog post title they were responding to. You should be able to subscribe to this now and be updated as people respond to posts.

Johnny visited today on his short visit to Newcastle, for a fine beers event. I spent a little bit too much money. I bought Battlefield: Bad Company, and a cool bluetooth headset designed for the Playstation 3, but after testing, it works just as well with my iPhone, and Windows Vista. I've yet to test it on Mac OSX.

Todays todo list was somewhat untouched. I got the comments RSS working, but didnt get syntax highlighting for code blocks, or the recent posts sidebar. I plan to make up for this tomorrow.