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Blog: Introducing "PreBot", an Arduino Based Robot experiment

Graham Weldon

02 April, 2010

Over the last couple of weeks I have been building and programming for a small robot driven by an Arduino board. This was undertaken as a fun hobby with my good friend John who also bought a board and bits to build a robot.

Since I started building and posting progressive images via Twitter, people have been asking for more information, a website and images / media for the robot I have been building. Today I have made such a page available.

Its been a really fun hobby to get me somewhat away from the computer, and to try and relearn some old skills, and pickup some new ones.

As far as objectives go, I don't really have a purpose, solid deliverable point to reach. Its just designed to provide me some entertainment through its construction and development. The only real goal I have is to have it autonomous, and operating on a rechargable battery that it's capable of recharging itself. And by this, I mean that a charging bay of sorts will be placed somewhere, and it will be able to locate it, and ensure it reaches it before complete loss of power.

Thats all for now. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest and support throughout my fun little project. Cheers!