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Blog: iPhone 3.0 tethering with Optus - Update

Graham Weldon

18 June, 2009

Goodness me! What a huge response I have been having to my previous post about tethering with Optus on the iPhone 3.0 beta 2 OS. More than I ever expected, really. Since the official release of the 3.0 OS, I am expecting more users to want a copy of the bundle, so a small update for you all on this...

Yes, the bundle still allows tethering for Optus with the official 3.0 iPhone OS. So you can request the bundle, install, and tether your phone for some awesome, cheap mobile computer net access. The process is simple...

  1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone
  2. Update using the update button on the iPhone device screen
  3. Post a comment below to request the iPhone Optus bundle to enable tethering
  4. Hold 'option' and press update in iTunes
  5. Use the file dialog to browse to the bundle I've sent you in an email
  6. Profit!!

Now, in order to track how many people are downloading it, and to provide you all with individual support as you need it, I am still only taking requests for the bundle. While I will send it out to everyone that asks, this allows me to keep an easy tally on things.

If you do find this bundle useful, I would appreciate any donations as a thank you, to help get me to CakeFest 2009.

Happy Tethering.