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Blog: My new motorbike: Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Graham Weldon

16 October, 2008

So today it finally happened. I bought myself a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2009 model.

I've been without a bike for almost a year since the last one was stolen, and its been less than enjoyable having to catch the bus to work every day. Not only will I be saving some money, as the bus was expensive, but I am now unrestricted and can travel at a time that suits me, rather than fitting into the bus timetable.

My dad came over a few weeks ago to help install some motorbike anchors into the ground, to prevent theft. They work like a charm. Its secured in a whole lot of cement, and allows me to chain the bike up in a space where there was previously nothing to chain to.

I'm probably going to look at getting a tinted screen for it, and a tank protector to stop scratching. Other than that, it looks awesome standard, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase!