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Blog: Resolutions for 2009

Graham Weldon

21 January, 2009

Yeah, yeah... New years resolutions. Who really expects to stick to them, or for them to be remembered for more than a couple of weeks? Lose weight, stop [insert bad habit], rah rah...

The reason I am posting this publically, and so late in January, is that I want the resolutions I list here to be monitored by you, the reader, and I wanted the list to be developed post-hype. I've often thought about new years resolutions around the celebratory new year date, and never really stuck to them.

So, here it is, my post-hype new years resolutions for 2009. If you find me getting off track or lazy on any of these, please let me know:

  1. Finish development on my personal site (this site) and relaunch for 1st February 2009.
  2. Redesign Slavitica to provide a well designed easy to use infrastructure for the posting of reviews and articles submitted by the community, by 1st march 2009.
  3. Contribute to the CakePHP community on an ongoing basis.
  4. Attain MySQL Certification by the end of the year.
  5. Attend an interest-based social meetings, such as Linux Groups, developer meetings etc, at least once.
  6. Reach my weight goal of 80Kg
  7. Save money for the future

Short and sweet, but these are the things that I want to get done in the year.