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Blog: Sketching up a storm

Graham Weldon

19 May, 2010

Myself and a couple of mates (Tom Campbell and John Marsden) have been messing around with our graphics tablets. We've all had one for a while, but never really put too much effort into using them. John decided, after drawing this awesome nightingale as a concept for the Nightingale Project, that drawing together as a group on a single concept in short bursts would encourage us to draw more.

Limited to 30 minutes for the drawing, it keeps you moving but still allows for plenty of time for a quality result. We've completed two sessions so far, and the results are encouraging. Personally, I didn't finish the first session in time, but its all part of the learning process.

Day one was "Foxy". Based on this photo of a fox as a concept, we were to draw a fox. Here is John's, Tom's and My drawings. Like I said, I didn't manage to finish in time for this session, but hopefully I can improve.

Day two was to draw a robot arm. This was my suggestion, and it was a little self serving, as I am trying to finish the PreBot Project, and I need an arm of some sort to mount on the roof to pickup and move objects around. Having completed the task, I think it was a poor concept to attempt drawing, especially for me. I'm fairly literal, and with a real world application in mind, it turned out to be more of a schematic than a sketch. Here is John's and My drawings. Tom wasn't around tonight. Hopefully he is for the next one.

Comments are welcome. If you want to leave comments on John's or Tom's sketches, feel free. They will get the feedback.