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Blog: Slacker, Hard work at the Gym

Graham Weldon

27 October, 2008

Been a bit of a slacker today with regard tot he overall site progress. I find that this is a general rule with Mondays. I have normally a pretty heavy day at work, and its recently been followed up with a 1 hour session with a Personal Trainer at the gym. Tonight I started feeling dizzy, tingling in my face, and very spewy. Not a good sign. So a 1 hour training session turned into 40 minutes.

The sites only developments today were the movement of some of the sidebar content off into elements that can be rendered on any page. This presented me with a question that I have dealt with in the past, but I am not entirely sure I have solved it correctly. When elements are rendered and require data, is it okay to be using requestAction to gather that data? Or should the respective controllers that render that element, be charged with the loading and setting of that data to the view? More often than not, its rendered as an element as its got useful, changing data that may not be entirely relevant or "associated" with the current page information. Such as "Latest Blog Posts", which could appear anywhere on your site.

If anyone has any suggestions on which course to follow, let me know. I am interested in both best practices, as well as keeping database activity (including cashing, smarty pants) down to a minimum. Beyond that, I am open for your comments and suggestions.

Thus far I have focussed on the user-side of things, and have not given any attention to the administrative tools. As I write this, I am doing it via phpMyAdmin. This needs to change, but until I am completely happy with the front end, I might leave self-benefiting features till later.

Next goals are to complete those page elements for Recent posts, Tag cloud, and Archive List. Beyond that, my resume needs to be ported across, and the about page needs some serious consideration. Current content is a little dry. Feedback appreciated there, also.