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Blog: The future of PHP: CakePHP

Graham Weldon

10 December, 2011

Elizabeth Naramore of Engine Yard has been conducting a series of podcasts on "The future of PHP". Thus far she has conducted talks with the team from PEAR and Pyrus, and Lithium. On the 12th December, 2011, she will be interviewing Larry Masters, Mark Story, José Lorenzo Rodríguez, and myself on the topic of CakePHP in this series. You can find the details of the upcoming interview on the Engine Yard website.

I'm personally looking forward to the opportunity, and its great to see these kinds of efforts come out of Engine Yard after the acquisition of Orchestra.io. I hope to see more efforts like this in the future from the Orchestra/Engine Yard teams.

Be sure to listen in on the 12th December, 2011 at 2pm PST. (Thats like.. 9am AEDT and 8am AEST for my Aussie followers)