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Blog: Upcoming Event - SydPHP CakePHP Presetation

Graham Weldon

01 September, 2009

With more of the details finalised and a public announcement made by SydPHP, I am happy to announce that I will be giving a presentation on CakePHP (introduction) as well as a workshop to get your hands dirty with some CakePHP code.

The event will take place at Google HQ in Sydney, who have graciously offered their offices for SydPHP's use for the night.

For more information, checkout the SydPHP announcement, and RSVP via the Yahoo! Upcoming page.

I'm excited to be given the opportunity to present on CakePHP, a framework with which I have worked for many years, and have been developing for in more recent times.

I hope to see plenty of people there. Don't forget to bring your laptops for the workshop, and we'll be running through some read rapid application development with CakePHP. I'll also be making myself available to answer any one on one questions you may have after the official event, as we head out to a locla pub for drinks.