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Blog: Update for CakePHP-Goodies (AutoJavascript and Gravatar Helpers)

Graham Weldon

22 May, 2010

Just a quick one tonight.. I've received some feedback via the CakePHP Bakery indicating that an oversight in the pathing for the unexpectedly popular Automatic Javascript Includer Helper caused it to not work for Windows systems.

While I don't much care for windows development or servers, I have corrected the issue, and you can now also be lazy with your JS includes on windows too!

I also updated some doc blocks, added documentation, and links back to my site as well as changed an am() call to array_merge(). That pretty much concludes the updates.

If you have not yet checked out the CakePHP Goodies plugin, I encourage you to do so. Grab it from github here. It includes an Automatic Javascript includer helper, which uses CakePHP conventions for naming to check for Javascript files based on the controller and action you are currently in, and includes them into your scripts_for_layout if found. There is also a Gravatar helper which allows you to display user avatars in a dead simple manner.