I’m an Australian, living and working in Tokyo, Japan.

Professionally, I’m a full stack engineer / architect with special focus on automation, and easy to deploy systems. I have been using Chef software to produce scalable, reproducible systems deployment for over 6 years. More recently, I’m working with Habitat on application builds that are deployment target agnostic, and easily managed.

Currently, I am working for Rakuten, Inc. as an Operations Engineer. My work in this area entails educating and advising developers on best approaches for system architecture, deployment, and ongoing administration of systems for business critical systems. This includes delving into software architecture in addition to ensuring they have solid tooling for full CI/CD pipelines to deliver to various environments (including production) with confidence.

For more information, contact me.

Personally, I engage in software development in the Indie game development field. I’ve published one game via Steam (ArsonVille) and engage in various projects from single player games to large multiplayer games. Developing games and game prototypes is a passion of mine.