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Building my site with CakePHP - Stage 1 - 09 September, 2008

The old favourite blog tutorial.

Its changes somewhat from when I was learning CakePHP back in the day, and I do feel that people following through the latest blog tutorial are missing out on the basics of associations and model / controller inte...

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My new motorbike: Kawasaki Ninja 250R - 16 October, 2008

So today it finally happened. I bought myself a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2009 model.

I've been without a bike for almost a year since the last one was stolen, and its been less than enjoyable having to catch the bus to work every day. Not on...

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Comment Posting and Gravatars - 23 October, 2008

Slow progress lately. There is a tonne of stuff to be done at work, and I've actually been doing this site a little slow on purpose. Today I have achieved my own spin on the implementation of a Gravatar helper, and Comment posting is complete with...

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RSS feed for latest blog posts - 25 October, 2008

Tonight has been a bit of an interesting discovery session for myself. My experience level with CakePHP is growing fairly rapidly, and tonight I felt a genuine urge to change one of the Cookbook articles discussing RSS Feed Generation.

Its going ...

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Friends, Comments and Concert - 26 October, 2008

Busy day. Concert tonight, saw Jamie Hutchings from Bluebottle Kiss. Today I had to do some running around to get my helmet fixed and some special diet food for Captain Jack (my cat). And the comments RSS feed is up and running.

The comments RSS ...

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Slacker, Hard work at the Gym - 27 October, 2008

Been a bit of a slacker today with regard tot he overall site progress. I find that this is a general rule with Mondays. I have normally a pretty heavy day at work, and its recently been followed up with a 1 hour session with a Personal Trainer at...

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CakePHP routing issues, perhaps. - 29 October, 2008

Zero producivity, anyone? Tonight saw me knee deep in the CakePHP core trying to track down why the bloody hell my passed parameters were not being correctly passed as inputs to the action on a controller. Frustrating to say the least. PhpNut took...

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Breaking personal promises - 31 October, 2008

I'd vowed to post once a day, even though the site sint live, it would provide a great deal of content for launch, and would assist in indexing the new version of the site with new relevant content. Yesterday I failed to post an entry.

Its not al...

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CakePHP Syntax Highlighting Helper - 01 November, 2008

Well, goals rock. You can't get anything really productive done without setting attainable goals. They help structure your thought processes, and give you direction. They keep you on track, and they pay off in the end.

I've had on my list of thin...

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CakePHP Syntax Shot Down - 01 November, 2008

It lasted almost 24 hours. You have to give it credit, thats a record breaking short lifespan for a generic helper. The CakePHP Syntax Highlighting helper that I created last night has been deemed somewhat less than useful. While its operation is ...

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Tag Cloud Quickie - 05 November, 2008

Are tag clouds really useful? Do people actually use them? Are we ditching the traditional search and find mechanisms for this messy block of varying font sizes and word lengths? Personally I don't like them, and I rarely if ever find myself using...

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Blog Archive complete, simple too! - 06 November, 2008

Not much code digging tonight, as the Archive element for the blog pages was way less complex than I had initially anticipated. What I wanted as a basic display of the months in which posts had been made, and to have them list in the side bar of t...

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Curse that Little Big Planet - 08 November, 2008

The sole reason that for the last couple of days, there has been little to no progress in development of this site, the design for the Slavitica site, cleaning of the new motorbike, and work in general... The recent release of Little Big Planet, a...

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Contact form and cleanup - 09 November, 2008

A bit of an interesting night. I haven't often gone back to my CSS and refactored to ensure its minimal, optimal, etc.. Its a worthwhile exercise, and not often done, from my experience. I've also setup the contact form. This is setup and working ...

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Recent Comments CakePHP Element - 12 November, 2008

Another little move forward in the scheme of things. I now have a Recent Comments element on some of the pages to indicate the latest 5 comments that have been made on the blog overall. I am not entirely certain that this is ideal moving forward. ...

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Emailer Component, with a twist - 13 November, 2008

Implemented the mailout facility for the Enquiries page, finally. Not that this is difficult at all, since CakePHP provides a nice ready-to-use Email Component. But with the help of Dale, I was able to devise a manner in which the Email component ...

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