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Automating deployment with Fabric - 22 December, 2011

Lately as part of my work, and as part of trying to make changes faster on my personal site, I have been trying to really ease deployment. I encourage people to release early, release often, but I have often found the systems and processes require...

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Automatic commits for server configuration files - 08 December, 2011

Today I was looking for a solution that could allow me to quickly and simply provide configuration management local to a server with minimal if any dependencies clogging up the system, and as little interaction as possible from administration user...

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A Woopra plugin for CakePHP - 05 December, 2011

Tonight I got an email about the Woopra service indicating that they released a new iPhone app that allows you to track visitors and what not. It looks pretty cool, and I thought that might be fun to have one day if the visitors to my site ever ge...

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TwigView plugin for CakePHP 2.0 - 06 December, 2011

Twig is a templating engine for PHP, and its kickass. It has a whole heap of awesome features.. and since the website itself does a great job of explaining the features, I won't go into detail about them here.

Last night I took a look at the Twig...

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The future of PHP: CakePHP - 10 December, 2011

Elizabeth Naramore of Engine Yard has been conducting a series of podcasts on "The future of PHP". Thus far she has conducted talks with the team from PEAR and Pyrus, and Lithium. On the 12th December, 2011, she will be interviewing Larry Masters,...

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My 2011 OSX install - 08 December, 2011

A colleague at work is getting his first mac, and asked me for my recommendations for software for the OSX platform. I have been meaning to post my setup for a while, and this gives me a reason to get it done.

So, here is what I consider to be my...

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