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Blog: SydPHP SuperFun April 2010 Meetup

Graham Weldon

19 April, 2010

The SydPHP April 2010 meetup is only days away. With a spanky new venue, and a pre-talk social session, its bound to be a great time. All the details about the event can be found here.

My talk will be a brief introduction to Unit Testing with PHP. This will provide a good iverview of the benefits of Unit Testing, and the approaches you can use to integrate testing into your work regime. I'll be using PHPUnit as the testing framework, with a custom suite built for SydPHP. So don't miss it!

I'm urging everyone to come, whether you're new to code, don't code at all, or a hard-core long time developer. Everyone takes something away from these events, and its a great way to get to know people in the same industry. Personally I have seen a lot of contact come out of attending SydPHP, and its given me a chance to communicate and mingle with some other like-minded local developers.

So Wednesday, 6pm, I hope to see you all there!